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Society Membership: Grades, Fees & Benefits

ASHRAE membership is open to any person associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration. ASHRAE is unique because its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines relating to the HVAC&R field. The Society has four grades of membership that are awarded to applicants based on their experience and participation in the industry.

A brief description of the grades is shown below:-

Member — The grade of Member is awarded to individuals who have twelve or more years of qualified industry-related experience. Credit for industry related experience can be earned from any combination of approved education, work experience and professional registration.

Associate Member — The Associate Member grade is awarded to individuals who have less than twelve years of ASHRAE-approved industry experience in the heating, refrigerating, air-conditioning, or ventilating fields.

Grade & Annual Dues: Member / Associate Member – US$230.00 + 20 (Chapter Dues)

Benefits for Member and Associate Member:

  • Access to member-only web pages.
  • ASHRAE Handbook (Handbooks are issued in June annually) – this reference manual is the most widely cited reference for HVAC&R technology in the world. Each year one of the four volume Handbooks is updated and delivered to members to add to their library and knowledge base.
  • ASHRAE Journal – a monthly magazine that brings current trends and information to your desk in your choice of print or digital format.
  • ASHRAE Insights Newsletter
  • ASHRAE E-newsletters (HVAC&R Industry / Society Connections) – delivered to your desk in print and digital form, these publications help you keep on top of what is going on in the Society and the industry, all over the world!

Discounts for Member and Associate Member:

  • Discount on publications (15% off), including ASHRAE Standards & Guidelines.
  • During first year, get 15% off Member price on all Handbook items (excluding network versions).
  • Discounts on educational courses and ASHRAE Meeting registrations.

Affiliate Member — The Affiliate Member is an introductory grade for applicants with a general interest in the Society’s programs and services. Assignment to this grade is limited to those who are under 30 years of age who are first-time new members.
Grade & Annual Dues: Affiliate Member – US$60.00 for new Affiliates; – US$85.00 for 2nd year Affiliates; – US$115.00 for 3rd year Affiliates
Benefits for Affiliate Member: Same as Member & Associate Member, except:

  • You do not receive ASHRAE Handbook with membership. You get a one-time discount (15% off Member price) on all Handbook items (except network versions).
  • You can serve on Chapter committees, but cannot hold office or vote at Chapter, Regional or Society level.

Discounts for Affiliate Member: Same as Member
Student Member — To qualify as a student member you must be studying or have an interest in an HVAC&R industry-related field. Eligible students must be participating in an approved course of study in a university, college, junior college, or technical institute.
Grade & Annual Dues: Student Member – US$20.00
Benefits for Student Member:

  • Participate in: Student Design Project Competition, Grants-in-Aid, Society and Local Scholarships, and Student Branch Activities.
  • Career & Education Resources — The Student Zone web page offers a list of accredited engineering institutions as well as tips on landing an exciting job in the HVAC&R industry.
  • Can vote in and hold office only at the Student Branch level, but cannot do such at Chapter, Regional, and Society levels.
  • ASHRAE student members can continue receiving the many member benefits of ASHRAE after finishing college through the SmartStart program. The first year out of college annual membership is still only US$20.00. Then it is only US$85.00 for the second year and US$110.00 for the third year.

Student Membership Bonuses:

  • ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals; with CD US$49
    Students are permitted to make one Handbook purchase per issue for the low US$49 rate. Any additional copies of a given Handbook can be purchased at full price, US$195.
  • Educational Discount on certain other publications.
  • Free registration for ASHRAE meetings; and Student Activities at the Winter Conference.

If you want to know more information on joining ASHRAE, please visit our ASHRAE headquarter website at


Chapter Membership: Fees & Benefits

ASHRAE members have to pay the chapter dues on top of their annual society membership if they want to participate in the activities organized by our Hong Kong local chapter. The current chapter dues of ASHRAE Hong Kong Chapter is US$20 per year.

Every year, ASHRAE Hong Kong Chapter organizes many kinds of activities which include distinguished lectures, technical seminars, workshops, site/factory visits, ASHRAE night (Membership & Research Promotions), annual dinner, etc. for our members. Being a member of Hong Kong chapter, you can obtain the following information and benefits:-

  • You can receive the local activities information via your email;
  • You can receive the local newsletters to know more information on Hong Kong Chapter; and
  • You can attend our local activities with discounted rates or free seating.

If you want to know more information on ASHRAE Hong Kong Chapter, please visit other pages of this website at

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