Young Engineers in ASHRAE

Young Engineers In ASHRAE (YEA)

To ensure the future of the Society and the industry, ASHRAE is committed to advancing its programs and services for young members through helping them build their professional foundations. With this in mind, ASHRAE-HKC created a committee called Young Member Committee (YMC), for members age 35 and younger!

To make more chances for the fresh graduate to know more about HVAC industry, it likes a bridge between fresh graduate and the professional to communicate and exchange their experience. In this year we will provide a number of the activities for our member. The following are the activities that we proposed:

  • Art Jamming
  • War game
  • Charity Service
  • ASHRAE Walk
  • Joint institution function

Committee List for ASHRAE Hong Kong Chapter 2021-2022

2012-2013 YMC Committee List:


Mr. Wong Wang Tat, Taylor


Mr. Tsang Pok, Paul


Mr. Shum Ping Shue, Michael


Ms. Samantha Law

Committee Member

Mr. Wo Kiu Kin, Jacky

Committee Member

Ms. Ho Hiu Fung

Committee Member

Mr. Michael Fung

Committee Member

Mr. Victor Wan

Committee Member

Mr. Charlie Tosi

Committee Member

Mr. Fong Wing Lim, Gary

We hope that we can have fruitful and memorable activities this year.

Come and Join ASHRAE!!! To become an Young Engineers in ASHRAE !!

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