Officer & BoG

Board of Governers and Committees 2004 / 2005

1. Officers and Board of Governors


PresidentMr. Tim Cheng
President-ElectMr. T.K. Chan
SecretaryDr. Sam C.M. Hui
TreasurerMr. Rocks Li
Immediate Past PresidentMr. Vincent Chu
Member, Board of GovernorsMr. Vincent Tse
Member, Board of GovernorsMr. W. K. Pau
Member, Board of GovernorsDr. Philip C. H. Yu
Member, Board of GovernorsMr. Edward Tsui

2. Working Committee


CommitteeMember (s)
AttendanceMr. W. K. Pau
AuditingMr. Victor Yiu (Chair)
Mr. Louis Lo
Mr. Eagle Mo
Chapter Technology TransferDr. Yuguo Li (Chair)
Chapter ProgramsMr. Jacob Yiu (Chair)
Mr. Peter Lam Yu Hung
Mr. Ken Ho Hung Kit
Mr. Albert Lin
Mr. Louis Lo
Mainland RelationsDr. Y.C. Lee (Chair)
CRC ActionMr. Vincent Chu (Chair)
HistorianDr. Roger C. Y. Chu (Chair)
Honors & AwardsMr. Victor Yiu (Chair)
Information Technology (IT)Mr. Paco Tang (Chair)
Mr. Alan Lam (Webmaster)
Mr. Howard But
Mr. T.H. Ip
Mr. W.T. Ip
Institutions (HK) LiaisonDr. Raymond Yau (Chair)
Membership PromotionMs. Eagle Mo (Chair)
Publications & NewsletterMr. Hugh Leung (Chair)
PublicityMr. Louis Lo (Chair)
ReceptionMr. Calvin C.H. Tang (Chair)
RefrigerationDr. Leonard Chow (Chair)
Resource PromotionMr. S. L. Li (Chair)
Student ActivitiesMr. Edward Chan (Chair)
Young Members CommitteeMs. Chan Ka Ching (Chair)
Mr. Edward Chan
Ms. Juliana Lai
Mr. Anthony Lue
Mr. Travis Ting
Ms. Allison Law
Mr. Jacob Yiu
Mr. Rocky Law
Mr. Raymond Chiu
Mr. Ken Ho Hung Kit

3. Nominating Committee


MembersDr. Philip Yu
Dr. Yuguo Li
Mr. Louis Lo
Mr. Jacob Yiu
Mr. K.C. Chan

4. Student Branches


PolyU Student Branch AdvisorDr. Daniel W. T. Chan
CityU Student Branch AdvisorMr. Square K. F. Fong
HKU Student Branch AdvisorDr. Yuguo Li
IVE Student Branch AdvisorMr. Y. N. Au Yeung
HKUST Student Branch AdvisorDr. Christopher Chao
President of PolyU Student Branch (2004 / 2005)Mr. Billy K.L. Ho
President of PolyU Student Branch (2003 / 2004)Ms. Leung Sze Man
President of CityU Student Branch (2004 / 2005)Mr. Ryan Chan
President of CityU Student Branch (2003 / 2004)Ms. Tracy Pang
President of HKU Student Branch (2004 / 2005)Ms. Anita Ho
President of HKU Student Branch (2003 / 2004)Mr. Howard But
President of IVE Student Branch (2004 / 2005)Mr. Howard Cheung
President of IVE Student Branch (2003 / 2004)Ms. Eunice Tong

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