Officer & BoG

Board of Governers and Committees 2012 / 2013

1. Officers and Board of Governors


President (CRC Delegate)Mr. Lo, Chan Kit Albert
President-Elect (CRC Alternate)Ms. Pang, Ching Man Tracy
SecretaryMr. Chan, Hei Kin Thomas
TreasurerDr. Wong, Chun Sing
Immediate Past PresidentMr. Lin, Wan Fuk Albert
Member, Board of GovernorsMr. Tse, Kam Chuen Vincent
Member, Board of GovernorsMr. Li, Siu Lam
Member, Board of GovernorsDr. Hui, Chun Man Sam
Member, Board of GovernorsMr. Chu, Tak Wing Vincent

| 17 August, 2012 |

2. Working Committee


CommitteeMember (s)
Membership PromotionDr. Tung, Siu Lok Dennis (Chair) 
Ms. Chung, Sabina (Co-Chair)
Mr. Dong, Henry (Co-chair)
Research PromotionMr. Wong, Shu Hung (Chair) 
Mr. Tam, Tenny (Co-Chair)
Chapter Technology TransferDr. Wong, Sai Li (Chair) 
Mr. Huang, Patrick (Co-chair) 
Dr So, Albert (Co-chair)
Chapter ProgramsMr. Man, Cecil (Chair) 
Mr. Chan, M.C. (Co-Chair)
Mr. Kam, Samuel (Co-chair)
AttendanceMr. Wong, Joao (Chair)
Auditing (2011-2012)Mr. Pau, Wai Keung 
Mr. Poon, Vicki 
Mr. Chan, T.K.
Mainland RelationsMr. Wong, Shu Hung (Chair) 
Mr. Lau, Ben (Co-chair) 
Mr. Poon, Vicki (Co-chair)
CRC DelegateMr. Lo, Chan Kit Albert
CRC AlternateMs. Pang, Ching Man Tracy
CRC ActionMr. Lin, Wan Fuk Albert (Chair)
Electronic CommunicationMr. Lo, Andy (Chair) 
Mr. Lee, Kenny (Co-chair)
HistoricalDr. Chu, Chun Ying Roger (Chair) 
Mr. Cheng, Tim (Co-chair)
Honors & AwardsDr. Yu, Philip (Chair)
Information Technology (IT)Mr. Lam, Ying Wai Alan (Chair)
Mr. Lam, Ying Wai Alan (Webmaster)
Institutions (HK) LiaisonMs. Mo, Cheung Ying Eagle (Chair) 
Mr. Chan, Thomas (Co-chair) 
Dr. Wong, C.S. (Co-chair)
Publications & NewsletterMr. Wong, Joao (Chair) 
Mr. Au, Carmen (Co-chair)
PublicityMr. Tang, Chi Hang Calvin (Chair)
ReceptionMs. Tong, Eunice (Chair)
RefrigerationMr. Ng, Gary (Chair)
Student ActivitiesMr. Sung, Ka Leung Michael (Chair) 
Mr. Ng, Jacky (Co-Chair) 
Ms. Li, Iris (Co-chair)
Young Members CommitteeMr. Chow, Chi Fung Taylor (Chair)


Technical Working GroupMember (s)
Energy Working GroupProf. Wang, Sheng Wei (Leader)
Ventilation & Health Working GroupDr. Chow, Tin-Tai (Leader)
Operation & Maintenance Working GroupDr. Joseph Lai (Leader)
Humidity Working GroupDr. Niu, Jian Lei (Leader)


Student BranchAdvisor (s)
The University of Hong KongDr. Hui, Sam
The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityDr. Chan, M.Y.
The City University of Hong KongDr. Fong, K.F. Square
The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational EducationMr. Au Yeung, Y.N.
The Hong Kong University of Science & TechnologyProf. Ng, L.G. Moses

| 17 August, 2012 |

3. Nominating Committee


MembersTo be announced

| 17 August, 2012 |

4. Macau Section


ChairMr. Li, Rocks
Co-ChairDr. Yiu, Jacob

| 17 August, 2012 |


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